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Your Privacy

All information is held in the strictest confidence. I do not employ a record keeper and I'm horrible with names as is. All information is promptly destroyed (and I mean destroyed!) right after our meeting.


Before we meet, I'll need a way to verify your status as a true hobbyist. Please include a link to your reference's reviews so I can see that she's a credible provider. You can always include your board handle and reviews link if you're a listed as a reviewer or verified on a board such asP411. Better yet, contact me from there! You can also PM me from your private accounts. I can discreetly verify what I need from there.

I go above and beyond a normal escort experience so I apologize for making this mandatory but my safety is crucial. I can't make you happy... all over... unless I feel safe and secure.... Thank you for understanding! I promise to reward you in spades.... For initial contact, my web form or email below is preferred.

Contact Me

Web Form: Open SSL Secured Booking Form
Preferred method of contact if this will be our first date.

Direct Email:
If emailing directly to request time together, please be sure to include ALL of the screening info requested from my form if this is our first date.

Current AvailabilityOpen My Calendar

Notice to AOL users:
For some reason, AOL emails bounce back to me about 75% of the time.... if this happens, I have to call so I try to reach you between normal business hours. If you would like me to call at a different time or do NOT want me to call at all, please indicate in message box. Otherwise, I only email response for your convenience. Kisses and licks....

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