Ashlynn Brennan VIP Las Vegas


Hi All! I'm Ashlynn...happy, fun, confident, and a true pleaser.

I have a great friend who introduced me to this exciting, fabulous realm and I decided to combine my two favorite pastimes; building for my future and very regular... "de-stressing" with similarly minded people lol. I enjoy all kinds of activities including pool/cabana time, jacuzzis in the snow, football (most sports actually), baking, running, singing loudly and way off-tune ????dancing (can't really dance, don't really care... I've got rhythm when and where it counts lol!), taking selfies... playing dress up, role play, watching porn, usual lol.  Ah, and I love the independence my career gives me because I really love both of my "jobs"! 

I live and love to make people smile!

Good genes have given me a healthy, glowing, playboy COVER model face and body with perky 34Ds (specific issue withheld for privacy but yes, you may have seen me before) and everything about me is natural which I hear makes me a bit of a unicorn.  I'm often told I have a great smile with pretty, pearly white teeth that you'll see often thanks to my easy sense of humor.  For those of you into specifics; pinch over 5'8", very leggy with silky tattoo-free and stretch mark-free skin, dress size 4-6, extra blue eyes, natural from my thick blond silky hair to my pretty feet and toes! 

I specialize in quality over quantity and seek those who can appreciate a low-volume provider of pleasure. I thrive in longer engagements believing our time should be savored and un-rushed. I'm very comfortable being affectionate with you publicly and privately, regardless of build, age, stature, etc. Confidence is SEXY and happiness is contagious so own who you are and we'll get along perfectly! I LOVE meeting new people but seem to connect better with men who are riper though there are always welcome exceptions. I find we never run out of things to say and do!

Since I really DO LOVE ALL I DO...

...I don't need to alter myself in any way to enjoy myself with you so I don't engage in drugs before, during, or after, I don't smoke, and only drink socially although this isn't necessary either if you practice a sober lifestyle  That being said, my career is in the hospitality sector so if you wish to indulge responsibly, I don't mind. New legal ventures have made many of you curious so I absolutely understand the draw ????????.

Being in The Lifestyle for years, I love both men and women and couples/parties so I love playing with my friends too. I've got lots of toys, costumes, fetish wear, and outfits if you're looking to explore and experiment in a judgment-free safe space. I am a roleplay and extended date specialist, really committing to our fantasy!

Ashlyn Brennan Indepenent Escort